Recent Projects

Kendyl Depoali Middle School
BCS designed and installed Alerton's BACnet®-based control system, which integrated the 187,343 sq/ft School's close loop geoexchange heating and cooling system with the building controls. The installation includes 373 ground source heating wells, 200 Carrier wide-range water source heat pumps, 10 energy recovery units, and Co2 based demand control ventilation (DCV). BCS also intergrated the Bacnet lighting control system into The Multiple Operator workstations—distributed over the Washoe County School District's existing IP network to manage all the building's functions through Alerton's native BACnet system, Envision for BACtalk™. The district also uses Alerton's WEBtalk system, which displays real-time site data through a Web browser, enabling facilities staff to remotely monitor and control the Kendyl Depoali system from anywhere they have Internet access.

"See Alertons Case Study for Kendyl Depoali Middle School"

The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe
BCS designed and installed Alerton's BACnet®-based control system, in Lake Tahoe's Newest and most luxurious ski resort, located mid mountain (8000 ft) to meet the need of the hotel mechanical system Which Consists of a 4 pipe hydronic VAV system. The Central plant has a Variable flow primary chilled water and heating water system consisting of (2) 700 ton centrifugal chillers and (3) 20 mbtu watertube boilers that provide the chilled/heating water needs to 25 VAV Air handlers , multiple fan coil units, hundreds of VAV boxes with reheat, as well as pool and spa heating control and a large scale snow melt system. The chillers, boilers and VFD's as well as multiple BTU meters are integrated via BACnet into the hotels IP network for easy operation from multiple workstations running envision for BACtalk and custom site specific graphics.

Reno City Hall
BCS has been a part of the ongoing City of Reno Energy Upgrade project which includes retrofitting Reno's City Hall 17 floor office building from the obsolete inefficient pneumatic controls to Alertons Envison for BACtalk DDC control system. The mechanical system includes fan coils, double duct and single duct VAV and multiple 4 pipe large tonnage air handlers. As well as renewable energy monitoring for the buildings solar and wind systems. In 2011 we begin the process of retrofitting the central heating and chilled water plants with new equipment and controls.

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