Energy Services
Energy Savings Retrofit Projects
BCS can perform retrofits of your current facility's HVAC system, with little or no impact to your day to day facility operations. We've performed the following types of retrofits:

  • DDC HVAC controls for older pneumatic or electric HVAC controls
  • VFD's Retrofit for Existing AHU  Inlet Guide Vanes Premium Efficiently
    motor replacement for inefficient motors on Fans & Pumps
  • Retrofit stand alone Thermostats to DDC Controls
  • Customizable Energy Dash Boards and Public Displays showing realtime Data

    Equipment Performance & Energy Analysis
    Our LEED professionals can perform an energy audit of your facility by performing a utility data analysis of energy use, a walk through survey of your facility's systems including HVAC, Lighting and Building Envelope. We then can recommend Energy Saving Measures that can be implemented to reduce your monthly energy bills.  
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