Commissioning and LEED
Solutions Based on Diversified Knowledge
Our clients have a wide range of concerns, from increasing building efficiencies, reducing operating cost, and enhancing work environments, to assuring a project's performance and functionality. Some simply want to go Green. In every case, Building Control Services can offer a solution. We have the team and expertise to commission new buildings, re-commission or retro commission existing buildings, or provide consulting and management services for projects seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. BCS is certified in commissioning, LEED accredited, and has extensive experience in HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.

BCS offers independent verification and solutions
for a range of systems and technologies, including:

• HVAC mechanical plant and system optimization
• Building automation and integration
• Indoor environmental quality
• Renewable energy
• Electrical, lighting and day-lighting controls
• Plumbing
• Sustainable building practices.

Our combined knowledge and practical hands-on experience within the trades ensures that BCS is a value-added member of any project. Diversified knowledge allows us to identify, evaluate, and develop the best strategies through the entire life cycle of a project. Using a comprehensive life cycle approach results in a streamlined project and ensures that only the most cost effective and efficient methods are implemented.